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Our Curriculum

Learn. Play. Grow.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Children will be supported in learning  how to become independent in self-care,  develop social skills to make friends and be school ready.   

Communication and Language

Children will be provided with opportunities to learn to communicate their needs, express their ideas and develop their listening and engagement skills.

Physical Development

Children will be provided with a range of learning experiences to develop their gross and fine motor skills.


Children will be provided with opportunities to develop their early reading and writing skills through stories and mark making opportunities. 


Children will be provided with a range of experiences and resources to support their mathematical understanding of different concepts including counting, recognising numerals and shapes.

Understanding the World

Children will be provided with a variety of learning opportunities to develop their understanding of the local community, different festivals and celebrations, the natural world around them and the opportunity to explore past and present concepts through local history and technology.  

Expressive Art and Design

Children will be supported in developing their creative and imaginative skills to express themselves using a variety of music, dance and art.

- Extra Curricular Visitors -

Boogie Beat's visit us once a fortnight for a 30 minute session. Each Session engages the children’s imagination with traditional stories, songs, dances and props. The classes are active and gets the children learning about how their body moves. The structure of our classes helps children’s cognitive development, repetition is used to help stimulate language and enables them to feel confident to join in.

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